Monday, May 23, 2022

About us

Meet the publication staff of the Talon Tribune

Rebecca Bartus


Rebecca Bartus is passionate about politics and law while striving to give a voice to young people through her writing. She is a member of the City of Naples Youth Council and President of the Journalism Club at NHS.

Julia Begossi

Social Media Manager and Features Editor

Julia Begossi is a junior with a passion for writing, social studies, and law. She considers the Talon Tribune to be a great way for her to express these passions while informing others.

Ryan Meister

Social Media and Features Editor

In her free time, Ryan enjoys going to the beach and driving her golf cart. She also works out, hangs out with her friends, and bakes.

Joann Vo

Copy Editor

Joann Vo is 15 years old. Her hobbies are drawing, painting, and reading.