Sunday, May 28, 2023

About us

Meet the publication staff of the Talon Tribune

Rebecca Bartus


Rebecca is passionate about politics and law while striving to give a voice to young people through her writing. She is a member of the City of Naples Youth Council and President of the Journalism Club at NHS.

Julia Begossi

Social Media Manager and Features Editor

Julia is a senior with a passion for writing, social studies, and law. She considers the Talon Tribune to be a great way for her to express these passions while informing others.

Ryan Meister

Social Media and Features Editor

In her free time, Ryan enjoys going to the beach and driving her golf cart. She also works out, hangs out with her friends, and bakes.

Joann Vo

Copy Editor

Joann Vo is 16 years old. She is one of the founders of Book Club, and she likes to bake and read in her free time.

Carter Zgonina

Sports Editor

Carter is a junior at Naples High School and is interested in law and journalism. He is focused and dedicated on school and loves watching sports. In his free time, he can be found at the beach or outdoors.

Ella Johnson

Copy Editor

Ella Johnson is a sophomore. She was born and raised in Naples. She enjoys reading, writing, and swimming. She is currently a part of Key Club and Debate Club at NHS. In the future, she wants to pursue a career as an editor for a newspaper or publication company. By being a part of the Talon Tribune, she hopes to gain knowledge about writing unbiased articles and improve her overall writing.

Mary McMuffin

Staff Writer

Mary is in her second year of journalism. Some of her hobbies are playing baseball, reading, and having fun at the beach.

Sebastian Flores-Choy

Staff Writer

Sebastian is thirteen years old and is a freshman writer. He was born in Naples and has lived here his entire life. Some of his hobbies are reading and writing. His favorite sport is soccer. He is interested in a career in creative writing. Sebastian decided to be a part of the newspaper to learn news writing skills. At the Talon Tribune, he hopes to write about important events and news happening around NHS.

Daynarit Sanchez Patino

Staff Writer

Daynarit is a sophomore and goes by ‘Day’ for short. She was born in Naples. She does color guard for NHS and has a job for over a year now. She likes to watch and play soccer. At the Talon Tribune, she hopes to get people interested in the newspaper.

Amanu Gilliam

Staff Writer

Amanu is a freshman. He was born in Ethiopia and has lived in multiple places. His hobbies include playing baseball and traveling. He is also a part of FCA.

Oliver Ditheridge

Staff Writer

Oliver is a junior and was born and raised in Naples. He plays soccer for a club called Weston FC and his team was ranked 6th in the nation for the U16 age group last season. Some of his hobbies include aviation and Formula 1 racing. When he attends college, he would like to play Division 1 soccer and earn his business degree.

Loren Lichi

Staff Writer

Loren is a freshman. She was born in Naples but later moved to Tallahassee for a while. She moved back in 2nd grade and has been here since. She is part of the Environmental Leadership and Garden Club. She plays lacrosse and hopes to make the Naples High team when the season comes around. She has traveled all over Florida for lacrosse and has traveled in and out of the country throughout the years.

Kylee Ozuna

Staff Writer

Kylee is a freshman and is in her first year taking journalism. She was born in Miami, FL and moved to Naples in first grade. She enjoys reading fiction books and has played soccer since she was four years old. After college, she hopes to have a career in medical or environmental sciences, although she is not sure what specific career yet. She decided to take journalism because she enjoys writing, and this gives her a chance to evolve her writing skills.

Carizma Johnson

Staff Writer

Carizma is a freshman who was born and raised here in Naples. Her hobbies include baking, craft making, and babysitting, which is a weird one, but she really does like to spend her time taking care of children. In the future, she hopes to have a career in law or to work with children ages three to five. She picked Journalism without fully knowing what she was getting herself into, but now that she is here, she is having a lot of fun and is learning how to better her writing skills.