Seventh grader Avril Reyes rushes out to her mother’s car right after school. As soon as she arrives home, she runs to her front door to grab her package that she had been waiting for for weeks. When she opens her bundle, she’s face to face with ten crystals she had bought online. Excited to use them, she first has to complete three important steps.

Many users of crystals who practice spiritual rituals use them to heal themselves. They also have the power to balance negative energy and maintain positive energy. However, these things won’t come true without three essential steps: cleansing, programming and charging.

“I first started using crystals towards the end of 2020,” Reyes said. “My life has become much more relaxed and less toxic after using them.”

How to cleanse crystals

All users have different ways of cleansing their pretty rocks. Some believe it is essential to complete this step, while others think that it is unnecessary to follow through with it.

The most popular way people rid crystals of previous energies is by using incense. It is up to the user to decide how they use it. Others just set their crystals beside selenite. Selenite is a great way to amplify clarity and create tranquility. Another way to purify crystals is by using sound. It is possible to use singing bowls, tuning forks or even chanting.

“I think that cleansing crystals is very important in removing all negative energy,” junior Celine Sacacian said. “It makes me feel at peace when I’m done with cleansing them.”

How to program crystals

After some people cleanse their crystals, they like to program them. The most common way of completing this step is just by holding your crystal. People like to visualize and imagine how their crystals are able to benefit them.

Others like to do similar steps when handling their crystals. Again, it is all up to the user to decide which way works best for them.

“I just like to sit with my crystal in a dark room and look at it,” eighth grader Olivia Obrochta said. “I notice all the deformities and cracks that it has and basically get to know it better.”

Many believe that getting to know your rock is how you can use them better. Ways to get to know your rock include but are not limited to praying with it, sleeping with it and carrying it with you throughout your daily life.

How to charge crystals

There are a variety of ways to charge your crystals. People enjoy waiting for the full moon every month to leave their crystals outside to absorb energy, while others leave them out in the sun or submerge them in water. However, some crystals can be sensitive to sunlight and water. 

“I always wait for the full moon every month,” Reyes said. “I know that my crystals will be charged to the maximum when I use the full moon in my routines.”

A way that many beginners mess up their moon charging is by leaving their crystals out for too long. Many experts believe that it is important to remove crystals from their charging spot before dawn to avoid them being sun charged. Some people believe that sun charging their crystals is more powerful, while others believe moon charging is more efficient. 

Deciding which method to practice can be a flexible process since there really isn’t a right or wrong way, unless there is too much charging.

“I always love to try new methods with my crystals,” eighth grader Andrea Fielding said. “But I usually stick to the methods that I have used in the past.”