Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Naples Climate Strike: The People Are Fighting Back

The face of climate change is no longer being associated with the old man, Al Gore, who is yelling at the clouds,...

Fatal accident creates well-known monument

When it comes to NHS sports, most would say that football is the first thing to come...

Spring sports and how to participate

Spring is coming at a rapid rate and soon winter sports will end. A variety of spring...

Rick Martin Named New Head Football Coach

It was just announced that Rick Martin will be the new NHS football head coach. Previous head coach,...

Should life skills be taught in schools?

Home economics is not a typical class provided by high schools these days. The lack of classes such as home economics in...

Hot girl fall: fighting for fashion as Floridians

Naples, a place where shorts and tank tops are worn ten out of twelve months of the year. The lack of seasonal...

Say Yes to the Dress

2019 Met Gala



First ever Spring Spirit Week

Naples High School is having a Spring Spirit Week on Apr. 16 - 20. This is the first time the school will be doing...

New Teachers


Korean Boy Band BTS Take Over America

Korean boy band Bangtan Boys (BTS) have soared across the charts in the U.S. They consist of 7 members: Kim Namjoon (RM), Kim Seokjin...