Technology has become a major part of student and teacher everyday life. Various applications, research methods and lesson planning have all been revolutionized by technology. The use of different equipment and software makes the learning experience for students more engaging and can match different teaching styles. Naples High School’s staff has integrated numerous programs to provide the best educational environment possible for students.

“We need to focus more on lecture, discussion, discourse, problem-solving and collaboration. This has to start at the elementary school level so that by the time students reach high school they are used to the style of teaching and learning,” Assistant Principal of Curriculum and Instruction Joseph Manento said. “It is up to the teacher using the curriculum to find the happy medium to what works best for each student.” 

Both teachers and administration have shown their support for the use of technology but also recommend proceeding with caution as different software can prove to be unreliable.

“Setting boundaries of when to use technology is important,” mathematics teacher Nicole Felts said. “Technology is great when it works but having a backup plan comes in handy. Integrating technology has been essential in having students become more involved in the classroom.”

Alongside Felts, world language teacher Timothy Howard believes technology has its benefits but also apparent limitations.

“I investigate the technology and determine whether it would be beneficial for the classroom and worth the investment of my time,” Howard said. “If the technology does not improve engagement and increase outcomes, it is of little value pedagogically.”

Not only has technology impacted teachers but also many students. Students are given laptops and use them in many lessons and have online homework or assessments. Some students enjoy the benefits of digital work, while others are more focused on hands-on education.

”It is important to use technology to an extent,” freshman Mia Peneva said. “With the help of our minds, I believe technology can become a great combination and an advancement for education.”