The Naples High School theater department’s production of “The Alibishad many students and staff excited about its release. The play included a story of the suspects of billionaire J. Leslie Arlington’s murder who are all hesitant to reveal their alibis to detective Casey Neptune. The cast and production members have put a lot of time and dedication into the play and have all shown their anticipation for the big premiere night.

“It’s different from a lot of our previous shows. It has a lot of variety. Every scene is different, but it just finds a way to bring it all together and make it cohesive,” stage manager Melanie Diaz said. “Everyone has worked hard, and I’m very proud of them. It’s a little funny. It’s a little sweet. It’s interesting.”

Besides the fact that returning members had a big part in helping produce the play and getting it ready for the premiere, many new members of the theater department had important roles.

“We worked very hard on it, and we’re all very excited,” cast member Taylor Johnson said. “I think it’s cool that the students are in charge of their sets.”

Even though the students play a great part in the progression of the performance, director Ashley Martinez has done a phenomenal job in getting students ready for the premiere night. 

“It’s difficult to put a production on stage, and this is mostly done by the kids,” Martinez said. “We are very proud of their work and the personal dedication each student poured into their scene, and we can’t wait to see it in front of an audience.”