Among all the students roaming the hallways, there are a few who stand apart and have shown entrepreneurial talent, and have acquired their very own business. These individuals have seized opportunities by turning ideas into their very own enterprises. The motivated students have offered their perspectives and their stories on how they grew their passions into reality.

“I measure my success by quality and community where people can be brought together by the product,” student-business owner Liam Burtrum said. “I want it to be inclusive by bringing the community together during the photo shoots that I do… everyone becomes friends easily, and the shop brings people together to become one big group. There’s nothing that should stop you from doing what you want to do. I say just take the risk. You can learn a lot.”

Alongside the thriving SoFlo surf shop, there is another form of entrepreneurship present in the community. The Lobby Rats, a podcast formed by Naples High’s very own students, is one of them.

“The podcast is something I would absolutely love to continue doing after high school,” podcast producer Ryan Piloto said. “My favorite part has to be getting to meet new people and make strong connections with like-minded individuals.”

The Lobby Rats creators make it clear that they are dedicated to what they do, whether it be maintaining their business or getting to know the community they are involved with. They encourage students to chase after their interests and not express doubt in their venture.

“I see our podcast spreading advice and motivation to people across the world. So many entrepreneurs and innovators we have met have helped in that.” junior Sebastian Lieske said. “I’ve learned to expand my horizons and how to succeed from the people I have met on the podcast. The best part has to be the success we achieved from pursuing entrepreneurship.”