“My Daemon” was released on Netflix in Nov. of 2023. In this animated fantasy-science fiction show, daemonium particles have spread around the world. They cause a diverse set of unique mutated creatures called daemons to form. This causes dramatic changes in society.

Daemons transform the surrounding environment and cities with their unique powers. A powerful group called the Peace Organization, which works with the government, has imposed regulations relating to their capture, control and research. Most of the population fears daemons, but a few individuals cooperate with them, including the main character, Kento Tochibana.

The story takes place in Japan and follows young Kento and his storage daemon, Anna. Because all daemons have to be monitored, when the Peace Organization finds out that he secretly has possession of Anna, he travels across the country with her to escape. Along the way, they encounter many dangers and daemon users. The main antagonist is the Peace Organization, but the role shifts later in the show. In addition to external conflict, Kento deals with losses throughout his journey. The character arc this results in is incredible to see.

The animation is dynamic, colorful, vibrant and flashy with some anime influence. The world-building is integrated smoothly. The settings throughout the story are spectacular. Some scenes take place in ruined cities, while others in forests, fields of flowers, military bases and more. The show has one season, which has thirteen episodes. “My Daemon” is a captivating story of adventure, friendship and coexistence.