Many can agree that when you think of February, you think of hearts, candy and love. However, some do not agree with this “holiday” that we call Valentine’s Day and choose not to celebrate it.

“No, I am not planning on celebrating,” freshman Thaisha Joseph said. “I don’t see a point in the holiday.”

Some people don’t like the holiday because it is synonymous with having a significant other, while some don’t.

“Valentine’s Day is based on love and spending it with the people you love the most,” freshman Janiya Tanelus said. “It just sucks because I don’t have a significant other to celebrate with.”

The holiday is a great way to celebrate the ones you love. The commercialization of love has influenced the perception and celebration of Valentine’s Day. This could greatly influence someone’s perspective of the “holiday”.

“Yes, the commercialization of love has significantly influenced the perception and celebration of Valentine’s Day,” sophomore Julissa Hernandez said. “This impacts my perspective by making me more aware of the consumerist nature of the holiday and prompting me to focus on genuine expressions of love and care.

Because Valentine’s Day is a holiday about expressing your love for someone, if you were in a relationship, your opinion on the “holiday” would most likely change and you may feel more connected to Valentine’s Day.

“I think my opinions would change if I were in a relationship because I would have someone special to celebrate with,” Tanelus said. “I could also understand the holiday and feel more connected to it.”