Every Wednesday at lunch comes a new club, the ping-pong club here at Naples High School. Allowing students to come more together and have more fun. 

“We decided to create this club to have fun with our peers and play ping-pong during lunch,” sophomore Teanna Ma’ta said. 

Many people just wanted a place to go and be able to play ping-pong with their friends during lunch. 

“I just wanted to play ping-pong with my friends,” sophomore Domonic Aldeguer said. 

Students’ excitement helped with finding a sponsor to help look after the club and to make a bigger group.  

“I decided to sponsor the club because of Aldeguer’s excitement and enthusiasm,” sponsor Veronica Samuelson said.

There was a big expectation for more people to join the new club as more word had gotten out of all the students.

“We expected many people to sign up because many people said they like to play ping-pong as a fun party game,” Ma’ta said. 

Different people have counter-views with their different hopes for the future outcome of the club. 

“We would not want to make this an actual sport for the school because it would have to be made into a sport for other schools to have competition,” Ma’ta said. 

Some just wanted to have fun with their friends during lunch.

“I want to help other people learn how to play ping-pong,” Domonic said 

When others would like to evolve it and make it into something that could be greater. 

“I expect the outcome of the club to be that we have an in-house tournament with a trophy,” Samuelson said. “I hope that this will lead to Naples High having a ping-pong team and competing against other schools.”