SGA recently created a board with volunteer hour opportunities. The board is conveniently placed on the wall of building eight.

Many students now have now the opportunity to get ideas for some volunteer options for the Bright Futures Scholarship. Students need 100 hours in total to qualify for the scholarship with some other exceptions.

“The purpose of the board is to give kids ideas of what to do for community service to get hours for the Bright Futures Scholarship,” senior Chase Bertucci said. “The board was placed in a very convenient place where kids can always look at it.”

For the Bright Futures Scholarship students must have 75 to 100 hours for varying levels.

Florida Merit Scholarship requires 75 hours. Unlike the Florida Academic scholarship, students must have at least 100 community service hours.

The board has total of 14 different ideas for young-adults to get their volunteer hours.

“The board was put up so that students were able to look and see where they’re able to get their volunteer hour,”senior Lili Mutter said. “The board can help the students get volunteer hours to try and get a bright futures scholarship.”