Naples High School experienced a false alarm lockdown on Thursday, Sept. 26, at 1:00 p.m.

According to Principal Darren Burkett, a maintenance worker had been working in building nine. The worker had called someone to check on a part of the job and accidentally dialed the wrong number.

The lockdown was treated seriously, and every classroom was checked and cleared by administrators within four minutes.

Principal Darren Burkett mentioned that immediately after the alarm was dialed, the worker came running into the main office explaining it was an unintentional call. The alarm was turned off a few minutes after sounding.

“It served as a good reminder of how we all need to be aware of what to do, treating everything as though it were real and serious,” Burkett said.

NHS has lockdown drills twice a month to ensure that everyone is prepared in the event that an emergency should happen.

“I was really nervous, but I’m so relieved it was an accident,” senior Taylor Bennett said. “I’m glad we practice these drills to make sure that in the unfortunate event a real code red would take place, we would know how to handle it best.”

Other students also felt that while the lockdown was frightening, NHS did its best to inform everyone quickly of the mistake.

“I texted my parents during the lockdown procedure,” senior Emily Skula said. “You never know when a real lockdown can occur, and I’m just so grateful that it was a false alarm.”

Faculty members who are also parents of students at NHS mentioned initially being very worried for the safety of their kids.

“It’s hard on students and faculty,” teacher Lisa Giblin said. “I’m so glad it was a false alarm because as a mom of a kid at NHS who was there during the lockdown, it’s even more stressful.”

All golden eagles interviewed reported to be very thankful that NHS administrators handled the situation well and efficiently.