Naples High School conducted had an induction ceremony and celebration for students who were a part of the Cambridge AICE Diploma Academy on Mar. 7 in the gymnasium. 147 new students were inducted into the academy.

The award is for students looking for a more challenging high school experience. AICE is designed to prepare students for the rigors of college.

“Out of all the AICE classes I’ve taken, AICE Marine is probably my most favorite because of the content and my teacher Mrs.Taylor,” Neketa Nesmith said. “My goals are to graduate from high school of course, and then go on to Florida, which is where I plan to attend in the fall.”

The benefits of the AICE Diploma can help students earn college credit, scholarship money, and line up proper schools. It’s also an excellent way to further your education all around.

“I teach AICE AS-level English language and I dont think it’s necessarily difficult unless they don’t do the work, but it’s very specific,” Mrs. Hodges said. “They’re teaching you how to analyze passages and literature and also there’s some creative writing, I think some students do better with the analysis and some do better with the creative part but you just have to do the work.”

If students are still interested in AICE and would like to join the academy, it’s still possible to apply next fall.