Naples High School is providing free lunches for all students after Hurricane Irma until Nov, 30. According to USA Today, about 93% of people in Collier County were left without power right after the storm.

Free lunches reassure that even those who are still without power can eat a meal.

“Right now we are in a disaster relief mode so there is a lot of devastation,” Paula McCarthy, head of the cafeteria, stated. “In the interim to make sure that every student is not hungry, that students are getting fed, the USDA has decided we should provide a no charge meal to make sure all students are nourished.”

Since lunches are being paid by governmental funds, twice as many are being served every day; the lines in the cafeteria are so long they are starting to cross each other. Students are using the opportunity to eat free school lunches and snack.

‘’I get lunches that are available for free now because it’s convenient,’’ sophomore Jennifer Pierre said. “Sometimes I forget my lunch money and getting them for free gives me an opportunity to eat something no matter if I brought cash to school or not.’’

Workers in the cafeteria are working during lunches to keep things organized, despite the number of students in there each day. It’s a very chaotic time and remaining calm is the key to reassure that everybody gets a chance to get a meal.

“Due to Hurricane Irma and the fact that many Collier County families are still displaced or struggling, the USDA has authorized Collier County Public Schools to continue the free lunch period until Nov. 30.’’ Executive Director of Communications and Community Engagement Greg Turchetta stated.