Towards the beginning of September, IOS 11 was released for iPhone users everywhere. The new update, which is supposed to enhance and add new features to the iPhone, is experiencing mixed reviews throughout the iPhone user community.

The list of problems found within the new update include battery drainage, device overheating, limited storage, and slow service.

Fortunately for iPhone users, there are various ways to reverse the negative effects of IOS11.

If the iPhone is experiencing battery drainage after updating, find which apps are taking up the most power by going to Settings, and then Battery power.

If the iPhone starts to overheat, a quick solution is to turn off Location Services by going to Settings > Privacy > Location Service. Since Location Services uses GPS, Bluetooth, and cell tower locations to determine where you are, this could be too much activity for your phone to handle.

To stop the iPhone from running slowly, do not double tap the home button and swipe away apps. This causes battery drainage because you have to reopen the apps.

Even though the update can be a pain with it’s new found problems, the positive aspects of the update are practically endless; some include: a plethora of new filters on the camera, a method of turning a live photo into a video, a more intelligent Siri system, a customizable control center, and a program which allows one handed typing.

On Oct. 12, almost a month after the release date, a Naples High School student says gives personal insight on the update.

“Since I updated my phone my phone has been freezing a lot,” Junior Estelle explained.

Hopefully, a new update from Apple will be released to solve all the problems with IOS11. However, if the phone has not been updated yet, it has been suggested to wait for the new update and enjoy its new intelligent features.