It’s agreeable that most students have difficulties in high school. Whether it be struggling with academics, athletics, or extracurriculars, like music and clubs, not everyday is a walk in the park.

It can be argued that the hardest part is trying to balance everything. However, it seems like from first glance some high school students have it all figured out, take sophomore Caroline Figueroa for example.

Caroline, more commonly known as Fig or Figgy, is practically a superstar. She participates in two varsity sports, softball and basketball, at Naples High School, while keeping up her grades— for the most part— and practicing singing and playing the ukulele and piano on her scarce freetime. Not to mention her peppy attitude never fails to brighten up the days of those around her. So how does she do it?

“It’s really hard to balance all my activities while also performing well,” Figgy said.

Figgy explains how she has goals set for her bright future, and although most days are a struggle as a young female student athlete and instrumentalist, she keeps in mind her dreams and aspirations to keep her pushing forward.

“She wants to get better, and she will as she gets older,” Naples High School Algebra teacher Ms. Carter said.  “She has higher goals and higher expectations.”

Figgy agrees she has room for improvement when it comes to getting work done. While many of her teachers also recognise this matter, they remark she eventually pulls things together.

“I know she has a full load,” Naples High photography teacher and basketball coach Ms. Rosset said. “She does her best trying to balance it all.”

As far as he attitude goes, Figgy is truly an angel.

“She’s so caring and supportive and has tons of talent,” sophomore and close friend Maddie Laufer said. “I love her.”

So there you have it. Although finding a balance is tricky, Caroline manages to make room for what makes her happy and successful and for the people she cares for the most.