As the end of the year had made its way, the incoming freshmen have taken a tour of the Naples High School campus. This annual tour was on Friday, Feb. 22, and held inside the auditorium.

As preparations for the end of the year approach, some graduating seniors have advice for the class of 2023.

“Just enjoy every opportunity and be confident, also keep your grades up because it will determine your future,” Madi Newman said.

The 8th grade students were guided around campus by Naples High School junior and seniors.

“Make sure you’re on top of things, especially your academics. Start off the year strong with a good GPA, and surround yourself with good people,” senior Jack Bole said.

The future freshmen were shown all of the buildings and an outside view of some classrooms.

“Don’t procrastinate, make sure to do your work and enjoy high school,” senior Meghan Kennedy shared.

Naples High School will hopefully serve as a great path for the class of 2023. Through the use of advice from upperclassmen and peers surrounding them, these students should hopefully have a great four years.