Creative expression can allow students to explore their talents and emotions, developing them into well-rounded individuals. Many students at the school have shown how they are encouraged to pursue their forms of creativity, whether it be art, photography, music and more. The school provides a creative platform for students’ personal growth and self-discovery.

“I draw because it is a way I can visualize my ideas,” freshman Monica Tran said. “My preferred medium is digital art. It’s easy once you learn how to use it and has many advantages over traditional art on paper.”

Tran’s statement emphasizes the role her art has played in her life as a student. Along with drawing being a form of student creativity, there are many other unique forms, such as music.

“My passion strives from the want to express myself through the music I create,” freshman guitarist Rider Rosendah said. “I’ve always loved music my whole life, so naturally, I wanted to do it for myself.”

Music is a creative outlet that allows Rosendahl to be equipped with skills that differ from what students learn in the classroom. Creative expression can present itself in many ways, like music, but also photography. NHS students offer a new perspective to explore creativity.

“I have been taking creative photos and I enjoy it photography comes naturally to me,” junior Madison Bates said. “I had to come out of my comfort zone taking AP Art. I had to start being more creative with coming up with original ideas instead of topics being handed to me.”