Winter is filled with cold weather, holiday treats and fun decorations, but that is not all, winter fashion is a big part of the holiday months. Winter fashion can be filled with boots, sweaters, jeans and can be paired with hot tea.

“I love winter fashion,” sophomore Kailyn Antoniol said. “I think it’s very underrated and more people should wear it.”

There are, however, certain winter fashion items and styles that may be paid attention to and closely looked at as well as worn more often.

“My favorite winter fashion trends are Uggs, puffy jackets and the color white because these things just put you in a good mood,” Antoniol said.

Winter fashion is fun, and full of trends, excitement and joy, however, certain things do not provide these feelings.

“My least favorite winter fashion trend would have to be leather jackets because they ruin the whole look and make it not feel like winter,” freshman Dianey Aricy said.

There is often some debate over winter or summer being the better fashion season in Florida. Winter has a calm introverted cozy style, while summer has a very extroverted open style.

“I prefer winter fashion because it gives off a more relaxed and calm style, which I look for in clothes,” Aricy said.