The annual Naples High School Shakespeare competition took place Wednesday, Dec. 11 with sophomore Lauren Dyer taking first. Eight contestants recited excerpts of their choosing from any Shakespeare play. 

Dyer gets to go on to the next Shakespeare competition, the Collier county competition. If she wins, she would continue to a national competition in New York, followed by a competition in London, England. 

In second came senior Rylee Brooks, and in third, senior Hector Torres. English teacher Frederick Laderer was very impressed by the competition brought to the stage last Wednesday.

“Everyone who recited gave a great performance, and I was especially blown away by our top three finalists,” Laderer said. 

Brooks performed Act 3, scene 1 from A Midsummer’s Night Dream as Titania. Brooks has been involved in theatre before, but this was Brooks’ first time entering the competition. She ended up walking away with second place.

“I enjoyed being on the stage again, especially doing a comedy because I enjoyed getting a few laughs,” said Brooks.

Brooks mentioned having fun watching other contestants interpret their character. Audience members also enjoyed watching the monologues. 

“I’m usually not into theatre, but I went to see my friend compete and I was very impressed by the emotion and humor in some of the performances,” said senior Kiera Schrack.