Many Golden Eagles feel as though dress code has become more strict during the second quarter. 

The beginning of the school year started with every student receiving a planner that included a dress code guide, but several students are upset about the requirements. 

Assistant Principal Eric Maya shared some of his input on what he believes dress code and the use of ID badges can do for the safety of Naples High School. 

“The ID badges’ purpose is to let us know, as administrators and teachers, if students belong on our campus,” Maya said. “Every single person, students, adults and visitors included have to wear identification on them at all times on campus.”

Some students wondered if ID badges could get into the hands of an intruder or the wrong person. 

Maya believes that since he and other school faculty members, like Principal Burkett, Assistant Principal Joe Manento and Assistant Principal Amanda Holderfield try to constantly put students’ names to faces, this problem can be avoided.

“We want to know the students, we want to know your faces, we know who should be here and who shouldn’t be here,” said Maya.

The administrative team has reiterated the importance of following dress code and wearing ID badges this quarter. They would like to ensure that students are held accountable for following the rules.

“It’s just so hot and humid here that I wish we were allowed to wear tank tops,” said senior Ryanne Hackathorn. “I’m glad that last year we were finally allowed to wear leggings, but I feel as though the girls’ dress code is stricter than the guys’.”

Maya believes that the dress code guidelines are set to prepare students for life after high school. He emphasized that the dress code ensures students will carry a professional standing in their future endeavors.

“The dress code guidelines are the way they are because we want to make sure that students are dressing in an appropriate way,” said Maya. “When students come to Naples High School and when they leave Naples High School and go out into the working world, we want to make sure that they’re representing themselves in an appropriate way, in a professional way.”