NHS administration and faculty have recently started putting in more of an effort to keep students in dress code, due to the fact that students are breaking the Collier County Code of Conduct.

“Dress code is part of the Code of Conduct with Collier County, and my job is to enforce the Code of Conduct,” Assistant Principal of Attendance and Discipline Amanda Holderfield said. 

School officials are taking extra measures to catch students when they’re out of dress code by waiting near gates in the mornings, informing more teachers to check students, and discussing it on the announcements.

Throughout the school day, students have noticed the changes in how teachers and administrators are now enforcing dress code. 

“Teachers check the students before class and in first period to enforce it more or to worry students into wanting to stay in dress code,” freshman Amanda Hancock said. 

Those are just some of the things students are starting to notice.

“They’ve started checking more at lunch for IDs and dress code,” freshman Angelena Willis said. 

Along with this, Holderfield wishes she could do more. 

“In the morning a lot of times at the bus loop that’s when I see it the most because it’s the first thing,” Holderfield said. “People can always do more to enforce it.”

Holderfield doesn’t know if the dress code policy will be changed anytime soon. 

“Every year we kind of review and we will go through and look at everything we have in place,” Holderfield said. “We will meet with Mr. Burkett and we’ll see if we want to keep anything the same or if we want to do tweaks. We do that for everything, not just dress code.”