One of the richest hidden gems on campus would undeniably have to be the Suncoast Bank ATM in the school’s media center.

Six years ago, Suncoast Bank teamed up with Naples High School to install a fast, convenient, and easy-to-use ATM machine. After creating 162 Suncoast accounts beforehand, the ATM was set up to be placed in the media center of Naples High School.

Mrs. Defurio, Director of Suncoast Eagle Bank, described the machine as helpful and unique because it can withdraw the exact amount of money as asked. Whether it’s $3 or $41, the ATM will never disappoint. Mrs. Defurio runs the Eagle Bank in the media center along with an assistant and a few other students who attend NHS.

“This machine has allowed hundreds of kids to get lunch as well as participate in any costly events,” Defurio said.

To create an account students must fill out a form (available in the media center) with parent permission and a valid driver’s license. Parent consent is a must unless you are over the age of 18.

The ATM is open at lunch and after school on most days, this is beneficial to the student and even staff because they don’t have to go far when in need of a few more dollars.

Unfortunately, not all high schools like Naples High can have the opportunity of receiving one. That’s why staff and students appreciate the machine and all who have helped the installation of it.