Homecoming is right around the corner, and it’s common practice for couples to go out for dinner before the dance.

It’s always a challenge deciding where to take a date since it may be a bit awkward to go somewhere that is too expensive, too casual, or have bad food. Many students prefer a quick and easy meal that is inexpensive yet formal. Since the City of Naples is not a very inexpensive place, an affordable place with good food and a formal setting can be hard to find.

“I’m going to CPK because it’s the easy button and i love their mac and cheese.” says Jill Kinsler “I usually look for places that are easy and cheap for pre-homecoming dinner because i don’t like big complicated dinners.”

There are many places within miles of Naples High School that are perfect for a pre-dance meal. Here is a list of restaurants that could be an option to take a date.

Ridgway Bar and Grill

Ridgway Bar and Grill is located on 3rd St. South and earned four and a half stars by reviewers on Google. It is perfect for the couple looking for a looking for a New American style eatery with a French Influenced menu. The menu includes a variety appetizers and salads as well as many variations of seafood and meat dishes. Even though it is one of the most relaxed restaurants downtown, Ridgway is also on the more expensive side of things. A reservation will be needed and can be made at opentable.com or by calling  (239) 262-5500.


Barbatella is another Google rated four and a half star restaurant located on 3rd St. South. Barbatella is an Italian eatery that features wood fired pizzas and many styles of pasta. The ambiance is perfect for a couple or group looking to sit outside under string lights hung across the outdoor portion of the restaurant. Barbatella is moderately priced and fairy casual. A reservation will be needed and available at opentable.com of by calling (239) 263-1955.

Tommy Bahama

Tommy Bahama is a casual restaurant on 3rd St. South that was rated four and a half stars on Google. The ambiance at Tommy Bahama is unmatched by any other restaurant downtown. There is always an upbeat crowd with live music and a beach feel. Servers wear a Hawaiian shirt for a uniform which adds to the relaxed vibe. Tommy Bahama features a relaxed American style menu that is moderately priced. Reservations can be made at opentable.com or by calling (239) 643-6889.

The Bevy

The Bevy is a newly opened restaurant that was rated 5 stars by both Open Table and Google reviewers. Located one block west of 3rd St. South on 12th Ave S, The Bevy offers a semi-casual and upbeat feel. With two outdoor wings of seating with a retractable roofing system, the vibe is very relaxed but also extremely upbeat. The Bevy features a new American Style menu that ranges in price. There are two sections of the menu, one being the main appetizers, salads, and entrees and another being the “relaxed Fare” section featuring items such as the Bevy Burger and 4 different styles of tacos. The bevy won’t break the bank depending on what is ordered and reservations can be made at either Naplesbevy.com or opentable.com or by calling (239) 228-4220.


Hobnob is another upbeat restaurant located on 5th Ave. South and is rated four and a half stars by Google reviewers. Hobnob features an American Cuisine and modern feel. The menu includes many seafood and meat dishes that lay in the mid to high price range. Hobnob is great for couples and groups looking to have a good meal in a modern environment. Reservations can be made at opentable.com or by calling (239) 580-0070.

Napoli on The Bay

Napoli on The Bay, located in Crayton Cove near the City Dock is inexpensive and extremely casual that is rated four stars by reviewers on Google. Napolis is a great place to go with a group of pizza lovers. Napolis features many styles of pizza, pasta, and Italian sandwiches. Napolis is a good option for those that don’t want to open up their wallets but also want a good meal. Napolis is also walk in only so no reservations are needed but it is possible to order ahead at +1 (239) 649-7337.

Tacos and Tequila

Tacos and Tequila is a casual cantina restaurant rated four stars by google reviewers with two different locations. The original location is on Davis boulevard in the Publix shopping center and the second is located in the pavilion shopping center on the corner of Vanderbilt Beach Rd. and U.S. 41. Tacos and tequila features its menu of signature tacos and other cantina items. It is a great place to go with a big group that is looking for a good taco. T&T won’t break the bank and reservations are available for parties of six or more by calling 239-732-TACO. Other information is available at napolionthebay.com.

The Cheesecake Factory

The Cheesecake Factory is a semi-casual freestanding restaurant located in the Coastland Center Mall. The chain that originated in Beverly Hills, California features an extensive mixed grill menu. The restaurant is great for a group or couple seeking a versatile menu that is suitable for all and does not break the bank. Its close proximity to school makes it extremely convenient for a pre-dance meal and a reservation is not needed but can be made by calling (239) 435-1580 or visiting thecheesecakefactory.com.  

California Pizza Kitchen

California Pizza Kitchen, located in Waterside Shops on U.S. 41. CPK is a casual chain restaurant, originated in Beverly Hills that offers a versatile menu of many inventive pizzas, pastas, and salads. CPK is a good option for a group or couple looking for a cheap and easy place to eat before the dance. The modern California style of decor creates a relaxed vibe inside that is great for a group of teenagers. No reservations are needed for CPK, but fast seating may not be guaranteed for a Saturday evening. More information is available online at places.singleplatform.com or by calling (239) 566-1900.


Bricktops is another semi-casual chain restaurant located in Waterside shops. The chain that originated in Atlanta, Georgia features a diverse New American style menu that is suitable for all. The low lighting gives off a formal feel inside that is great for groups looking for a moderately priced restaurant that feels much more formal than it really is. No reservations are needed but are recommended and can be made at bricktops.com or by calling (239) 596-9112.

“I am going to The Cheesecake Factory before the dance,” says Benjamin Howard “the food is great and it is fun for a big group to go to before dances.”

Being involved with school events will make high school fly by much more enjoyable.Homecoming can be a great high school experience, but half the battle is just knowing what to expect and making a reliable plan. These restaurants are all great options of places to go for dinner with a date or a group.