Naples High students are blessed with a beautiful outdoor campus that many other local high schools do not have. Even though students are able to spend time outside, they often take it for granted and leave their trash on the tables instead of throwing it away. 

“I love sitting outside because it’s a chance to get outside of classrooms and to get some fresh air,” junior Samantha Brito said. “I always throw away my trash, but I do see a lot of trash left around other lunch tables.” 

Some of the perks of having a very open and spread out school is that students are able to eat outside at picnic tables and enjoy the warm weather. Some students respect our campus and throw away their trash, but others don’t. Trash is left around campus and makes it very difficult for others to clean up. 

“After lunch, I see a lot of wrappers on the tables and floors because people don’t clean up after themselves,” junior Camryn Little said. 

Students need to know how to pick up after themselves. Recently, students used to sit in the hallways, but the administration has banned them from being there because they leave trash and abuse the areas around them. Now, more students sit outside on benches or tables, and there is even more trash all over campus.

“I sit near Building 5 at a picnic table, and I notice that people leave things like gum wrappers, chip bags and plastic bags near their tables some days,” junior Natalie Norqual said.

Students that eat outside and in hallways leave their trash around Naples High School’s campus. The trash that gets left around our school makes our school look not as clean as it should be.

Students should pick up after themselves when they are done eating. This will help our campus reach its full potential.