All high school sports teams go through highs and lows, but for the Naples High Boys Wrestling Team, they used their school spirit to face their challenges and opponents head-on. As a team, they bleached and dyed their hair to represent their brotherhood and triumph.

“They’re like my family,” sophomore Joaquin Alvarado said. “I’ve gotten really close with them. I didn’t know any of them before I started, but I love those guys a lot.” 

Many of the athletes attained their own goals and achievements this season. A couple of the wrestlers even made it to regionals.

“My goal for the following year as a wrestler is just to not quit, even if things get rough with my grades and academics,” freshman Declan Finucan said.

Finucan made it to regionals this season, even as a first-year wrestler.

The boys showed sportsmanship throughout this year as a team and various wrestlers bleached their hair or dyed it blue to match the Naples High colors. 

“The team dyed their hair in order to represent Naples High spirit… by representing their colors and to stand out as wrestlers in order to draw that sort of attention,” Finucan said.

The team ranged from freshmen to seniors, and despite the age difference, they all created bonds to help drive their confidence. 

“We have a very compact and almost brother-like relationship,” Finucan said. “Everyone on the team always looks out for one another. There are always good vibes and happiness.” 

“[Wrestling] was a great experience, and those guys are like my second family,” freshman Colin Madwar said.