Not only do volunteers clean, educate and improve the health of our community, but most importantly, they help bring pride to the city. However, it may be hard for students to find volunteer opportunities that not only allow them to gain community service hours but also help them find what they are passionate about. 

Conservancy of Southwest Florida 

Volunteering at the Conservancy of Southwest Florida is a perfect way for students over the age of sixteen to help preserve the state’s natural beauty and educate others on how to help the environment. The Conservancy has various different job options for volunteers, from helping rehabilitate wildlife to becoming a dock master, helping to ensure everyone has a chance to partake in jobs that interest them and fit their personality. Volunteering at the Conservancy can be an especially appealing opportunity for students wanting to learn more about Florida’s environment and who hope to have a future career involving environmental protection. 

“I learn something new everyday,” volunteer coordinator James Kintz said. “It may be about the history of the conservancy, environment or native wildlife and foliage.” 

Brighter Bites 

Brighter Bites is an organization in Southwest Florida that helps feed families and create a healthier community. Volunteers can distribute bags of fresh produce directly to the families or get their hands dirty by helping to package the produce. By distributing and packing bags filled with nutritional foods, volunteers for Brighter Bites help make Southwest Florida a healthier and more flourishing place to live. 

“It was really amazing to know that I was able to help the children of my community eat better and live a healthier life,“ freshman Cristian Perera said. 

Naples Art Institute 

Volunteering at the Naples Art Institute is also a unique opportunity for students hoping to lead a career in the arts to gain valuable experience and learn more about artists within their community. From working in the galleries to helping out with special events like their world-class art fairs, volunteers will be able to help provide a platform for diverse artists to spread their work and learn more about the industry.                   

Naples Zoo 

Whether as an animal lover or as someone who just has a green thumb, any student can volunteer at the Naples Zoo at Caribbean Gardens and have an enjoyable time by working in the garden, educating the guests or even by helping prepare the animals’ diets. Volunteering here is also very convenient for students at Naples High School with the zoo being within walking distance of the school. 

“I would recommend other students to volunteer at the Naples Zoo because it was really fun, a good environment and it was cool to be able to help out the staff that work there and the animals that live there,” freshman Jackie Hennink said. 

Serving the community through volunteering 

These are just a few of the many opportunities that students have to help better the city. Students should remember to submit their volunteer hours on Transeo, and they can visit the NHS School Counseling course on Canvas to see a tutorial. 

“I think volunteer work is very beneficial and really important for students especially, so we can take care of our community and help those around us,” Perera said.