The star-studded “Elvis” film was granted various nominations in the award show season. The Golden Globe winner is set to compete in four different categories during the 2023 Academy Awards. The movie explores the life of Elvis Presley, played by Austin Butler, through the eyes of Colonel Park, played by Tom Hanks.The movie follows Presley’s life from childhood, the peak of his stardom and personal battles up until his tragic death. 

The casting of “Elvis” was phenomenal with every actor capturing the essence of the real-life figures. Butler completely transformed for the highly anticipated role of Presley. Despite the stunning physical resemblance to the musician, this major transformation did not only occur in the hair and makeup chair. The way he emulated the star’s movements, cadence and facial expressions was completely baffling. Priscilla Presley, the loyal wife of the King of Rock and Roll, was given to actress Olivia DeJonge. She was able to flawlessly capture the innocence of Priscilla in her teenage years and the shift in maturity as she navigated her tumultuous relationship. 

The music choice in the film was perfect for the time period and modern day audience. The biopic featured music from popular artists like Doja Cat, Eminem, Diplo and Eminem while staying true to Presley’s musical legacy. Considering the premise of the picture, Presley songs were of course incorporated throughout. However, these songs were not just played in the background. His music was utilized in the storytelling of pivotal moments in his career and life, bringing a sense of nostalgia to the big screen. 

Wardrobe design was a crucial part of the film as well. Presley’s iconic costumes are an important part of his image, and the production team did a wonderful job replicating these infamous outfits. The team used clothing as a way to put emphasis on his humble beginnings, wearing overalls and a button-down. The outfits from Presley’s childhood in the movie perfectly contrasted with the familiar flamboyant jumpsuits he wore upon reaching stardom. 

The cinematography and overall composition of the film is groundbreaking. The artistic shots of Butler’s character in front of a collage of current events was truly a unique method that gave the audience context while displaying Presley’s feelings of overwhelmingness. In addition, the depiction of the star first being introduced to the music world was captivating. The crew captured young Elvis looking directly up at the cameras on a sea of gospel singers. The inventive shot was not only beautiful to view but also fully grasped the heaviness of the moment.  

Overall, “Elvis” is most deserving of the awards received and future accolades in the upcoming Academy Awards. The biopic is a must-watch and ingeniously showed Presley in a new light. Butler’s portrayal of the musician, alongside his co-stars, greatly contributed to the movie’s high appraisal. After watching, this makes perfect sense.