“Lockwood & Co.” is a Netflix thriller series based on the bestselling books written by British author Jonathan Stroud. It follows three ghost hunters in an alternate version of London, where ghosts have become a daily and dangerous occurrence. The show is suspenseful and action-packed. 

With eight episodes in total, the first season covers the first two books of the five book series: “The Screaming Staircase” and “The Whispering Skull”. The show is fast-paced, engaging, entertaining and easy to follow.

All of the featured characters are diverse, well-rounded and have unique backgrounds. Most of the cast are teens, making it more relatable for a younger audience. The conflict and villains have a historical influence to them; however, fantasy is at the heart of it all.

In every episode, the cinematography and realistic effects bring the show to life. With the thriller having a theme of ghosts and horror, there are plenty of jumpscares, all occurring when viewers least expect them. 

The mystery feel to the show is also spot on. The paranormal tone is present in every aspect of the story. Whenever there are unanswered questions, the answers are gradually revealed, making you want to keep watching as the stakes get higher.

The story is gripping due to the thrilling plot and dynamic characters, combined with a heavy dose of the supernatural. I would give “Lockwood & Co.” five stars because the conflict does a great job of driving the story forward. If you enjoy an enthralling mystery, this show is a must-watch.