The 65th annual Grammy Awards was held on Feb. 5 to commemorate the musical artists who excelled in 2022. Before sitting to view the show, musicians must walk the red carpet where they have their picture taken for the world to see. The highly anticipated event allows the musicians to show off their best looks. Some excelled in this fashion task, while others missed the mark.

Taylor Swift Wearing Roberto Cavalli:

Taylor Swift wore a navy blue two-piece gown with beaded detailing to pay homage to the release of her “Midnights” album. Swift was nominated for four awards, receiving a Grammy in the Best Music Video category for her critically acclaimed “All Too Well: The Short Film”. I can admire a minimalistic approach; however, the ensemble just looked unfinished. The similar colored beading blended in against the fabric, taking away from the night sky effect. Swift’s oversized bohemian earrings overwhelmed the gown, distracting the audience from the rest of her attire. The accessories and dress failed to bring the cohesiveness that the Grammys look desperately needed. 

Lizzo Wearing Dolce & Gabbana:

Lizzo wore a coral corseted gown with a floral cape to the award show in which she won a Grammy for the Record of the Year category with her hit song, “About Damn Time. The singer’s outfit was completely outrageous compared to the one worn by Taylor Swift. Despite this fashion risk, Lizzo was able to pull off the design while looking stunning in it. The shimmery bones of the corset contrasted perfectly with the vibrant orange exterior. The dark cape lined with flowers contributed to the extreme femininity of the outfit as well as an ethereal feel. The utilization of accessories in this Grammys gown design was a genius move. The giant diamond ring on each hand brought balance to the ensemble, and the flower brooch in the hair tied the look together. 

Shania Twain Wearing Harris Reed:

Country singer Shania Twain is not unfamiliar with the Grammys event, as she is a winner of five awards in years prior. Twain wore a sequined pantsuit with a matching hat alongside her bright red hair. Although I applaud her for the unique approach, the overall outfit looked chaotic. The white blazer and bell-bottom combination was covered with huge black polka dots. However, the reasoning behind this pattern is unclear. The outfit could have possibly been an attempt at cow print, but the uniformity of the spots is making me doubt this. The addition of the rounded top hat was unnecessary. In my opinion, the accessory distracted the audience from admiring the beautifully crafted pantsuit. Although Twain’s hair brought a pop of color to the look, the matching red lipstick furthered the costume-like essence. Sometimes, less is more. This was definitely one of those instances. 

Beyoncé Wearing Gucci:

Beyoncé wore a two-toned silver dress with black latex gloves to the Grammy Awards where she won four trophies for her newly released album, “Renaissance.” The star’s utilization of a neutral color palette alongside the shimmer of the skirt and shoes made for a captivating look. The craftsmanship of the dress was flawless. The ruffled slit in the skirt and v-neck top made the ensemble dramatic even without the use of vibrant colors. Her latex gloves looked a bit out of place, but the boldness helped bring an eye catching factor to the outfit. The simplicity of the silver heels allowed the attention to be focused on the elegant dress.