Flowers, candy, cards and gifts are exchanged between loved ones and friends each year. A struggle that comes along with Valentine’s Day is finding the perfect gift to get a significant other. For boys it can sometimes be a lot harder to find a gift for a girl, because they would seem to have higher expectations, and sometimes they’ll come up blank on what to get.


A gift that many people would find cliché but also really sweet for Valentine’s Day would be flowers. Flowers, such as roses, are proven to stand for affection, love, and admiration, making them the perfect gift.

“Flowers are a gift that I honestly love receiving,” sophomore Jade Wheeler said. “Although they are really simple, they show that you love and care just by getting them.” 

Not only is this gift cheap, a dozen roses are about $20 at any local grocery store, it says and means a whole lot just by getting them.

Chocolate covered strawberries 

A gift of Edible Arrangements, such as chocolate covered strawberries, is perfect for Valentine’s Day.

“If it’s something edible, any girl is bound to like it,” senior Alanna Fehr said. 

Chocolate is simply an edible declaration of love that makes a girl feel special and undeniably gratifying. Chocolate contains Tryptophan, which is a natural antidepressant, making it a great gift to make someone feel good about themselves.

Promise ring 

Although a lot of people would see this as a big step in their relationship, this is a gift most girls will love. A promise ring shows a girl that the relationship is significant, as well as saying that their partner is fully committed to them. 

“Although I would say not to get this unless you guys have been dating for a while, a promise ring is one of the most romantic gifts you can get for a girl,” junior Lindsey Cross said. 

Teddy bear 

Something that can never go wrong is giving the classic Valentine’s Day gift, a teddy bear. Not only are these gifts cute, but they are also comforting and can be used about every day.

“There’s even bears that you can get from Build-A-Bear and you can put a little voice message like ‘I love you’ in it, which is really cute,” sophomore Mia Wigglesworth said. 


A date  

A date – something many people would find cheesy, but just the idea of spending Valentine’s Day with their significant other is a gift itself for some girls. Whether it is a romantic dinner, or cuddling and watching movies on the couch, it could be the best Valentine’s Day a girl has ever had.

“Just being with them on Valentine’s Day is one of the best presents,” freshman Natalya Reis said.