As the end of high school approaches for many seniors, college is now becoming a reality. Throughout the end of 2019, numerous colleges will be visiting Naples High School to help students find the college meant for them.

“I’m looking forward to seeing FSC,” senior Trevor Klym said. “I’ve been looking at that school for a while.”

Some of the colleges that are visiting include: FSC, UM, UF and UCF. 

“I went to the UF meeting,” senior Caroline Mastrocola said. “I wanted to learn about the standards of getting in.”

The colleges who are visiting have been sending an admission officer to come during lunch to speak to students. The meetings will be announced on the morning announcements and students can find out where and when the meetings will be taking place. Also, if students want to know ahead of time, they may contact their counselor for more information on colleges visiting.

“The colleges will mainly be telling basic facts about the University,” counselor Brooke Seward said. “They will talk about the programs offered, what it takes to get in, and allow students to ask questions.”

Hopefully students will take this opportunity to speak to admissions officers and learn about colleges they may be possibly attending. There are still numerous visits to occur.