Home economics is not a typical class provided by high schools these days. The lack of classes such as home economics in high school curriculums is creating an understanding gap for teenagers entering adulthood. 

The inclusion of such classes could better prepare students for what’s to come. 

U.S. History teacher Kelly Bettridge is highly supportive of this and wants to see these changes. 

“I would accept these changes of life skills in the classroom,” Bettridge said. “They are efficient and effective for our instructional time to prepare students when they leave the walls of Naples High School.”

Bettridge is a believer in these changes and is happy to filter these skills into her lessons. 

“All students need their life skills and there are certain things that students definitely need that aren’t taught in schools,” Bettridge said.

Algebra 2 and Pre-Calculus teacher Marjorie Hanlon is also an advocate for these skills needed in high schools.  

She agrees that schools should start focusing on teaching life skills and understands that students need these necessary lessons in order to function throughout their adult years. 

“These ideas would be very beneficial to the public school because more students are applying to college these days and there are certain things we must know before we head off into the big world,” sophomore Tiffany Knight said.

She wants to be able to see these changes because she wants to attend a college. Knight fears that once she gets to that point, she won’t know what to do. 

NHS junior Reyna Postadan wants to see these changes right away before she heads off to college only a couple years away. 

“Having these changes applied to our school would be something I am hoping to see in the rest of my time being at Naples High because I’m almost an adult and yet still have not acquired these skills,” Postadan said. 

She wants to understand and obtain these skills because she feels that it’s a necessity. 

Most students and faculty have the same idea that public schools should be offering these future sets of skills in order to fully succeed into and out of college.  

Including these skills in the education system can possibly create a more successful generation of young adults.