The NHS Girls Varsity Soccer Team made substantial progress in the state tournament and made history for Naples High.

“It’s definitely one of the best teams I’ve been on and the best team this whole four years of high school,” senior and team captain Lydia Cartwright said.

The girls had many successful victories this season. This year they had a total of 16 wins compared to last year’s eight wins. 

“This is one of the greatest seasons I’ve ever had,” junior Bella Kinsley said. “I’ve never had such a great bond with a high school team like this before- for sure one I’ll never forget.”

Despite the age differences and grades, the girls built friendships and long-lasting relationships. This was a component that helped lead to their triumphs, aside from their individual talents.

“I think that my relationship with my teammates has grown a lot in all aspects,” sophomore Fay Ghorayeb said. “I’ve gotten closer to all the girls on and off the field. Our team’s performance was one of the best in Naples High history.”

This year, many new underclassmen joined the varsity team. These girls showed their talent regardless of age.

“For our first season playing, we learned a lot from our coaches and teammates,” freshman Emma Di Sarro said. “We can’t wait for next season.”

The team as a whole was able to make a lot of progress during their time together.

“All of the girls gave it their all, and we went far into the state tournament,” Ghorayeb said. “But of course, it’s unfinished business that we’ll complete next year.”