With school in session and the fall season making a comeback, many students have been keeping up with recent clothing trends, all the while staying in dress code.

Stores such as PacSun, Urban Outfitters, Shein and many others have been growing in popularity, changing and adjusting to the new trends.

“To stay in dress code, I like to wear jeans, a cute shirt or sweater, and sneakers,” sophomore Amy Boll said. “Out of school, without a dress code, I prefer a tank top.”

Bigger pants or jeans paired with a small shirt has been a growing trend. Loose-fitting crewnecks and other large sweatshirts can be paired with large mom jeans, as well. The laid back style is gradually becoming worn more often. 

“My favorite in-dress-code outfit is baggy jeans and a tight shirt so it compliments my body,” freshman Samira Tapilova said. “My favorite out-of-dress code outfit is a pair of high-waisted jean shorts with a baggy crop-top.” 

With the slight temperature drop in recent weeks, these styles have been modified to fit the chill. Layered shirts have also made a comeback this season. 

“My favorite outfit that’s in dress code would be baggy jeans and a turtleneck layered with an oversized T-shirt on top with Doc Martens,” sophomore Katy Lynch said. 

Unlike many other trends, it is likely that the perfect outfit will not be a brand name. Much of what is searched for can be found in the nearest thrift store. 

“Goodwill can be a good option sometimes, but it can be hard to find younger-looking clothes due to the large elderly population we have in Naples,” Boll said. “I prefer ordering clothes because I know I will find something. Going thrifting can be a let down when you can’t find anything you like, but when you do it’s super exciting.” 

Although thrifting can be the perfect option to find cheap but cute clothing, it can be a hit-or-miss, especially in Naples. Thankfully, online shopping is an answer to this dilemma. Princess Polly and Gen Z Labs are both great online stores to choose from, but are on the more expensive side. Romwe and Shein are two well known online stores that have become increasingly popular, and the clothes are sold for a good price. 

“I try to thrift when I can, but I’ve noticed that Naples doesn’t have much variety when it comes to thrifting,” Lynch said. “I prefer online shopping because I know my sizes… there is a ton of variety compared to an in-store experience.” 

After spending an increased amount of time at home due to the recent pandemic, apps such as Instagram and Pinterest were used much more often. Here, many people were given new inspirations for outfits and other trends. 

“I would say my style went from experimental and seeing what look I was going for to an indie Y2K,” Lynch said. “My style has definitely changed a lot since last year.”

Y2K fashion is a late 90’s to early 2000’s aesthetic full of bright, vivid colors. Many content creators and celebrities have brought back Y2K, and have had a huge influence on fashion today.

“My style has changed from last year in a huge way,” Tapilova said. “I got my inspiration from Emma Chamberlain and Pinterest…”

Inspiration can be found on any social media platform to find and create a unique and personal style. Find a budget, stores within that budget, and build the confidence to wear anything.