Naples High School classes, specifically the international language courses, are important keystones for students’ futures. These course offerings can create future opportunities during students’ academic and occupational careers. 

Antonella Albano, a Spanish teacher of 22 years, verbalizes that having knowledge of another language besides English will make a person standout when browsing careers. 

When looking at jobs online, interviewers search for people who can start a simple conversation and understand another language. Albano has seen this first hand through her son, Massimo Cuomo.

“He was selected by two major 500-fortune companies,” Albano said. “He speaks three languages and had experiences living and studying abroad.”

Studying a new language can be tricky and complex, but the upside can be invaluable during job searches.

“I think you have more of a chance of getting opportunities than people who can only speak one language,” freshman Peggy Lian said. “There’s a lot of people that speak Spanish or any other language. It could help you get a lot more jobs.”

Teaching a language is hard, but with the help of multiple methods it is easier and more understandable for students. 

“Scaffolding, presenting information in small, manageable pieces in a zero-anxiety environment is my favorite strategy,” Albano said. 

Having the choice of a world language class doesn’t just provide benefits now, it provides future benefits as well.  Former students of Albano use their second language skills even after graduating high school. 

“Any job search on a website like Indeed will help you realize how world language skills are in high demand and will set you apart in a job interview,” Albano said.