With exams quickly approaching, virtual students are finding new ways to prepare on their own, and many feel less prepared due to the online learning model. 

“I have definitely been struggling with studying for my exams this year,” Barba said. “Although my teachers are very helpful and are providing me with materials to study, I don’t feel as prepared as I should.” 

Preparing for exams this year is not only difficult for students. English teacher, Robert Prange, has come across problems while getting his virtual students prepared for their AICE exam.

“An issue that we are facing is that we are not able to complete as many round tables and peer evaluations, which give students the opportunity to assess various pieces of writing,” Prange said.

Due to these issues, virtual students have had to create their own studying strategies. Since they don’t have the ability to be in class and listen to their teachers review material, some have gone back to the basics. 

“I am mostly using my textbooks to study,” junior Ethan Brendel said. “By reading the material from my textbooks and doing practice assignments assigned by my teachers, I think I’ll do well on my exams.”