This summer is reported to be hotter than average, with temperatures possibly reaching 95 degrees. With this climate, students are in need of refreshing and replenishing recipes to battle the summer heat.

Summer foods and recipes will tend to involve more fruits and vegetables, many of which can be bought locally, even in Naples. Farmers markets provide many opportunities for students to eat locally harvested and in-season fruits from around the area.

Farmers markets are an integral part of communities, and their food systems, economies and social networks,” Tamara Ward, Public Affairs Officer for the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), said. “They offer a place to connect with neighbors, meet local farmers, support local businesses and provide nutritious food to neighborhoods and families in need.”

For many in the community, these are the perfect places to buy ingredients for delicious recipes.

“I love going to farmers markets, especially during summer,” sophomore Jamie Stevens said. “I go to the one in the [Marquesa Plaza] to buy ingredients for the salad I bring to school everyday.”

Stevens also shared his recipe for his “terrific tomato salad,” in which he uses the ingredients he usually buys at the farmers market.

“I usually put spinach, lots of tomatoes, tons of olives, avocado cubes and lemon juice,” Stevens said. “If you save some of the lemon, you can make lemonade too, which is delicious especially on a summer afternoon, and paired with my terrific salad.”

Even if it isn’t something to eat, students have recipes that help them cool down on a hot summer day. 

“I love making pineapple orange juice,” junior Marie Lopel said. “It’s the best thing to bring to the beach or to the pool; it reminds me of summer whenever I drink it.”

Lopel expressed her love for pineapples in many recipes and how they are the perfect summer fruit.

“I love pineapples during the summer,” Lopel said. “Sometimes my mom makes pineapple upside down cake and even fruit salads too.”

There is no need to cook to make a refreshing summer recipe; it is just as easy as opening your fridge.

“Most times after [soccer] practice during the summer, I’ll just make some fruit salad,” Stevens said. “It’s easy, and if you have good ingredients, it’s delicious too.”