Fashion has always greatly impacted our society; trends and fads have influenced how we dress for years. In 2021, people have started to become less interested in trends and are creating their own unique style. Students are able to express themselves through their clothing, but does being in a school environment affect what they wear?

“I would say that being in school affects what I wear,” junior Hailey Kelsey said. “At school, I usually wear comfortable clothes, like leggings and oversized shirts, but out of school I like to dress up a bit more.”

From having to wake up early to the long hours and dress codes, students typically aren’t able to wear what they want in school. Whether it’s considered too revealing or uncomfortable to wear all day, some students have to sacrifice the confidence they get from their clothes.

“Most of the clothes I own follow the dress code, but I choose not to wear them to school anyways,” junior Ethan Brendel said. “Sometimes I don’t have time to pick out a nice outfit, so I just wear whatever is easiest.”

When students are out of school, they can express themselves however they like, with no limitations. With this new year, everyone has a completely unique style and there isn’t really one specific trend that people follow.  

“I love how far we have come in fashion,” junior Nathaly Barba said. “Everyone dresses differently and we are all comfortable and confident in what we wear. I’m glad that we can all follow what we like and show off who we truly are.”