Bronze Bruland, former JV and freshman Defensive Backs Coach, has decided to take over Coach Horne’s Offensive Coordinator position after recent news of Horne’s retirement. 

Being a coach is a special job since celebrating the achievements of athletes is one of the most enjoyable experiences. Players will go on with a new chapter in their lives and with the possibility of becoming like those who impacted them most. 

“All coaches coach because of student-athletes,” Bruland said. “I am embracing this opportunity because it’s a way to serve Naples High and continue a legacy that matters to me personally.”

With a new season coming, coaches are trying to implement their skills for all positions. 

“With the collective experience of our staff, we’ll be able to draw different insights and understandings that put our team in good positions and allow us to play to the strengths of our team and players,” Bruland said. 

The purpose of athletes and coaches for any sport is the same: improve on some weaknesses before the next game. 

“Ultimately, the goals of coaches and players alike are to get better every week and become the best team, players and coaches we can be,” Bruland said.

Coaches teach players and make sure they understand everything, all while trying to make sure the athletes enjoy what they are passionate about. 

“Personally, more than anything else, I want to bring enthusiasm, joy and care to our student-athletes,” Bruland said. “I truly think what makes Naples High great is [that] coaches care about the young people they coach.”