Falling in love as a teenager usually comes with warnings from adults along the lines of, “your first love hurts the most” or “you guys won’t last long/it’s not going to work out.” However, as I am currently in my first serious relationship, the joys and insights outweigh any (possible) heartbreak down the road, and I think that being in a relationship right now is a good thing.

In my opinion, some advantages about being in a relationship are that it has expanded my social circle because I’ve been able to talk to new people, which is typically out of my comfort zone.

Having a boyfriend is something that shouldn’t be hidden from parents. Having the “boyfriend talk” with my parents was uncomfortable for me in a number of ways, one being that I had to be mature and show them that I was ready. I promised I wouldn’t let my boyfriend distract me from my school work and extracurricular activities.

However, it can be a challenge as well. Unlike an adult relationship where some adversities would be finances, mortgages and taxes, our issues are more along the lines of lying, insecurity, cheating, communication and jealousy.

I think that one of the most important aspects of any relationship, whether it’s a friendship, a romantic relationship or a parental relationship, is good communication. Without good communication, the bond between yourself and your friend, partner or parent will become weaker over time.

Being able to talk to someone in full confidence who isn’t going to judge you, will listen to you, and maybe even understand you, is one of the best feelings.

On the contrary, lying, cheating, and jealousy are some of the more worrisome things to a young relationship, and I’ve felt doubt before in my own, as well. I doubt that I may not be good enough, that it’s too soon to be dating or that there is someone else he’d rather be with. Maybe that’s because of my young age or maybe it’s because that’s something you feel in a relationship sometimes.

I’ve heard from so many different adults that “dating in high school can be very difficult.” There are tests that I need to study for, homework I need to complete and projects that I need to work on. These adults might think that being in a relationship right now is ultimately not a smart decision, but what most have forgotten is how it feels to be young and in love.

Of course, being in a relationship while having a handful of other things to juggle can be stressful, but for me, that isn’t an issue.
Having to balance school and a relationship can prepare me for having more things to balance as an adult. My time management skills are improving, so I have time for my work, activities and being able to spend time with someone that makes my days all the better. Of course, this could be a struggle for some people who don’t have the time or the want to care and nurture a relationship.

Having someone in my life that isn’t my mom, dad or my friends, someone that I’ve had to build a relationship with, is so gratifying. I can talk to him about anything and be myself to the fullest around him. There’s always a smile on my face when I’m with or around him, I feel safe with him and he never fails to make me feel loved.

My boyfriend and I have had our squabbles, but that’s common in many relationships. There isn’t a single moment where I considered ending the special connection that we’ve created. There are going to be inevitable problems from time to time in a relationship, but I believe nonetheless that being in a relationship right now is positive.