Clubs placed booths on the green space for the yearly Club Rush event. During this time, students signed up for the clubs they wanted to be in. The event took place during lunchtime.

“Club rush is where most of the clubs advertise for new members. They’re going to have tables out on the green space on two different days,” athletics and activities office assistant Trish Hendry said. “That way, they can give students more information about their particular club to see if it might interest them.”

Even though the club rush has passed, students still have a chance to join clubs. Most clubs are still accepting members. Students can view the available clubs on the NHS website under the Activities page. There are short descriptions of each club and the host’s contact information.

“I think students should participate because as they get more involved, they feel a sense of community with their school,” Hendry said. “They feel more connected to the school and their fellow students and a lot of the staff and faculty here,” Hendry said.

Clubs allow students to explore different interests or hobbies with peers. Students can also try out new activities they think they might want to try.

“Today, so many people are ‘disconnected’ from the real world and waste hours of their lives glued to their screens,” Scholar Bowl host Deborah Cantor said. “This provides the student with an opportunity to take part in something that might be the best activity, or best group of people, that they have ever interacted with!”

Besides helping make new friends, clubs can be added to resumes. If students participate in competitions, they can list any awards they have won. Clubs are also a medium that can be used to get aid for college.

“You can often get scholarships,” Dr. Sarah Burd said. “Different organizations that sponsor the clubs sometimes will offer some scholarships for college programs.”

Clubs can lead to other opportunities that can benefit you in the future.

“It also looks really good on resumes because it shows that you are interested in becoming more well rounded and, oftentimes, it’s a good sign of leadership when you step up and you get yourself involved,” Burd said. “Even if you’re not in a leadership position, just being in the club can set you apart from someone not doing clubs at all.”

Clubs can make a positive difference to other students as well as contribute to charities and organizations that can help many people.

“I think clubs are important just because it’s really good for people to be active and be part of something that’s bigger than themselves,” Burd said.