Naples High School has installed new lights throughout the halls of the school over spring break to brighten up some areas around school.

The lights have been put in the halls through almost all the buildings. The electrical system was installed to light areas that were otherwise dark before. The school placed lights on the roofs of all the halls down all the buildings.

“They were put in to benefit the learning experience of our students”, Principal Burkett said. “The only ones didn’t give off enough light and made the school seem darker.”

“In the morning when school has its darkest hours it will be lighter around the whole school,” the Naples High main custodian, Miguel Riol, stated.

The process of putting in the lights took some time, but the school was able to finish the job.

“It took awhile it install all the lights and electrical work, but it eventually paid off,” Riol said.

The overall appearance of the school was changed, and was changed for the better. The new system makes the halls very bright and easier to navigate in the mornings.