Effective Apr. 2, Naples High School will be changing its colors from blue and gold to purple and green. The Naples High School mascot will also be changed from a golden eagle to a venomous duck.

April Fool’s!

With April Fool’s Day coming up Apr. 1, students should be prepared for possible pranks. This year April Fool’s Day also falls on Easter, so pranks may be extra colorful.

“I plan on telling my little sister that there are eggs hidden outside the house,” freshman Aiden Denson stated. “When in reality there won’t be any.”

For those who are in a mischievous mood here are some quick and easy April Fool’s Day pranks to play on friends and family:

•Rubber snake on a string- Tie a fishing line to the head of a rubber snake and surreptitiously pull it when an unsuspecting person walks by.

•Loosening the top of a salt shaker- When no one is looking, stealthily loosen the top of a salt shaker so all the contents pour out.

•A well placed whoopie cushion- When a person leaves his or her seat, carefully place the inflated whoopie cushion under their seat cushion.

The history of April Fool’s Day goes back hundreds of years, although its exact date is unclear. It is to be believed that April Fool’s Day started in the late 1500s.

It is said that April Fool’s Day came about when the French switched from the Julian calendar to the Gregorian calendar. Not everyone received the news, or they didn’t accept the new calendar, and continued to celebrate the new year on Apr. 1. These people may have been the first April fools.

“I’m always nervous on April Fool’s Day,” freshman Lauren Dyer stated. “Especially around my siblings.”

Keep an eye out for pranksters and please prank responsibly. Always follow the golden rule, do unto others as they would do unto you. Have a great April Fool’s Day.