No school has ever dealt with circumstances such as the ones we live with during the coronavirus pandemic. However, Naples High is doing the best it can to make sure everyone feels safe and comfortable as possible. The staff and students are moving in the appropriate direction in hopes for school to go back to normal, but some may want to know the exact precautions being taken.

“I’m finally in my senior year, and I would have never thought that anything like this could have happened to me or even the world,” senior Jack Elcklman said. “It’s really insane and has switched life up. I have to wear a mask all day long and use hand sanitizer before and after every class.”

All Collier County Schools are provided with hand sanitizer to use for staff and students, students are required to use the sanitizer before and after every class.

“Nothing is worse than having to wear a mask that I can barely breathe in all day,” junior Alana Harris said. “I’m glad it keeps us all safe, but it’s awful and I miss being able to sit with my friends at lunch.”

Teachers have been making sure to clean anything their students come in contact with.

“I clean everything a student touches in my class whether it’s rulers or the desk or even a textbook,” forensic science teacher Ofelina Miranda said. “I’m glad the school is being very safe and aware about the virus and doing everything they can to provide a safe environment for education to the students.”

Teachers have been cleaning their own classrooms and have been a great help to the school. They have a lot on their plate due to new online classes on top of regular in class students.