Theatre is being rejuvenated at Naples High School for the 2018-2019 school year. Current language arts teacher Cari Quintero will be running the program, and the class will be an overall run-down of theatre.

“Technical theatre, acting, directing, and the marketing side of theatre will all be taken into account,” Quintero explained. “The class will not solely be about acting.”

With this variety the class can appeal to a broader audience and can apply learned skills into a number of future occupations. For example, if students want to be marketing majors, they can focus on the theatre marketing aspect of the class.

Not only does Quintero have a background in teaching theatre, but she worked as the performing arts teacher at East Naples Middle School with current Naples Principal, Darren Burkett.

As soon as Burkett was given the opportunity to bring the program back, he knew he had the right person for the job.

Bringing back the theatre program provides not only great educational benefits for students, but also offers an enjoyable class for students to take amidst the array of core classes they may take.