The Naples High School AP Art class hosted the AP Studio Art Show for the second year. The show included art from high school students all across Collier County.The show took place at the school in the gymnasium from 6-8pm.

“Last year, some students were interested in getting the art show together and Madison Szittai was instrumental in organizing the whole thing,” Chelon Perez-Benitoa said.

Normally people aren’t able to see all the students art work in one place at the same time and the art show allows for for that. Each student gets to pick which pieces of art they display. There are paintings, drawings, photographs, sculptures, and more.

Over sixty students from Gulf Coast, Barron, and Naples High showcased their work in the art show.

Next year the art show may open up to non-AP art students, which will allow more artists from other schools to join the show and share their work.