Three highly regarded members of the Naples High School faculty will be retiring this year; Nancy Defurio, Robert Garvie, and Pamela Berryman will all be leaving as of this summer.

Algebra and statistics teacher Nancy Defurio has been teaching in the math department at Naples High School for 16 years, and has been teaching overall for 40 years.

“My favorite memory was watching my students who go off to college email me about their math experiences,” Defurio said.

Her favorite thing about Naples High School is interacting with the students, and seeing the wide diversity of students.

Economics teacher Robert Garvie has been teaching at Naples High School for 15 years, and in the Collier County School District for 31 years.

“My favorite thing was coming in with my son, teaching him, and handing him his high school diploma,” Garvie explained. “I will miss my friends and colleagues most.”

Garvie will be leaving with hopes for the students of Naples High to continue to thrive.

“I hope it stays open and running, and continues to produce students who will contribute to our community, state and nation,” Garvie stated.

Guidance counselor Pamela Berryman has been assisting students in the counseling office for the past seven years.

“My favorite memory was watching students grow up and keep in contact after they graduate,” Berryman explained.

Berryman hopes for future students to realize their missteps sooner, and rally from them. She will always remember her students’ sense of humor.

Nancy Defurio, Robert Garvie and Pamela Berryman have all dedicated their time, hard work, love of teaching, and their want to help the students of Naples High School, and will be dearly missed. We are wishing them a happy and healthy retirement.