Bullying can come in many different forms not just the typical name calling. Cyber bullying, discrimination, and violence affect students all over the world.

Naples High School’s Junior Civitan and We Dine Together clubs organized this year’s Unity Day event to bring anti-bullying awareness to the foreground of student discussion. 

On Oct. 24 students at NHS were encouraged to wear orange to show their support against bullying, and let victims know they are not alone.

“Unity Day is for showing kindness and having the children pick kindness over anything else,” Junior Civitan club sponsor Monica Rodriguez explained. “This is an anti-bullying bullying campaign.”

During lunch students signed a poster to promote the anti-bully movement.

“I do believe there is bullying affecting students that attend Naples High School,” junior Abby Horne said. “That’s why we are out here today to help them come forward and put a stop to their unnecessary pain.”   

“Every time we have an opportunity to bring people together we should take it,” Principal Darren Burkett shared.

The definition of a bully is someone who uses strength or power to harm or intimidate those who are weaker. NHS students decided to turn that definition on its head and show there’s strength and power in supporting each other. 

“Unity Day is part of an anti-bully movement that is represented by the color orange,” junior and Project Unify volunteer Zoey Cole stated.  “The color orange is not a typically wore color so it is making a statement.”