Homecoming is an all-American tradition. It’s an exciting day that students look forward to each year. From the football game that hypes everyone up, to the dance the following night, it’s an event that everyone can participate in.

In order to live up to those expectations, Naples SGA looked at student feedback from last year and were able to improve.

“We had a lot of complaints about last year’s DJ,” senior Lili Mutter said. “We searched everywhere for a new one.”

This year’s DJ was able to get the crowd involved, and took song recommendations. He also blasted the crowd with stage effects, which enhanced the experience.

“We voted on this year’s theme Party in Paradise, and my idea got the most votes,” Mutter said.

As soon as students walked through the door they were greeted with a lei, and were welcomed to a tropical themed gym.

“This year’s homecoming was one of the best school dances I was a part of,” junior Daria Stege said. “I loved the theme I thought it was a really cute idea compared to last year.”