Halloween is the day for fake blood and spooky costumes, but this Halloween Naples High School students lined up to donate real blood to help save lives in the community. There were no tricks waiting for students, only treats as community blood drive recruiter, Jennifer Knight, welcomed students to the blood bus with bottles of water and cookies.

“Today we have had 84 students signed up to donate,” Knight said. “The goal would be that 50 people could actually donate, which would mean we could potentially save 150 people today.”

For the past few weeks there have been representatives from Naples community Hospital encouraging students at lunch to register to donate blood.

“Originally when I walked by the table at lunch to sign up I was reluctant to register,” senior Gabe Cleveland stated. “When my friends informed me how many lives I could save by donating, I changed my mind and signed up. It is an easy way to help my community.”

Some of the requirements for students to donate included that participants be over 16 years old, weigh over 110 lbs, be in good health, and not have donated blood in the past 56 days.

“I am feeling better than I did when I was donating,” junior Abbey Diers explained.

Some students may have experienced some dizziness or lightheaded during or after donating. If any students had symptoms after, they were encouraged to sit down at the table and chairs provided.

“I am a bit nervous because I am not that fond of needles but I know it’s for a good cause,”
junior Ashley Hendrix said. “When I signed up for the blood drive I was informed that I could save three people’s lives with my donation.”

Students may have lost some blood, but those who received it may have gained a life.